Country Air Estates is an airpark community located in central Arkansas, close to downtown Little Rock. We have two level grass runways, 11/29 2600 ft. and 18/36 3800 ft. although we are currently limited to day VFR operations, we do have plans for lighting the north/south runway and are looking into approval for an instrument approach such as a GPS and VOR. We also have a full service FBO with reasonable rates and 100LL avgas. We are approximately one half mile from I-40 interstate and 20 minutes by car to downtown Little Rock. Our location is: 12.2 DME on the 042 radial from LIT, or 34.49 N, 92.00 W.

Utilities such as natural gas, electricity, and telephone are all underground. There are dedicated taxiways 60 feet wide across the back of all lots north of 10/28 runway, so their are no worries about sharing with cars. All lots are covenant protected, the major ones being: Lots are for single residence purposes, only site built homes of 1500 sq. ft. minimum, maximum hangar size of 3600 sq. ft. no business open to the public, and no raising animals for commercial purposes.

Our lots range from just over 1.5 acres to around 3 acres. The current price from $20,000 per acre, which makes us the least expensive airpark in the area. And unlike most other airparks, if you want to build a hanger first, then a few years later build your home, that's not a problem.

If your interested in more information, you can give us a call at (501) 676-7529, or better yet, fly in anytime, although weekends are usually the best. Our unicom is 122.8 and is unmonitored. If you call first, we can ensure that we are here to meet you, show you around, and answer any questions you may have.

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